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More than just a simple command-line shell, La Terminal provides a fully-native, first-class touch experience for command-line hackers on iPhone and iPad.

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Parallax Features

Feature Packed

Whether you’re managing a dozen Linux VMs on AWS or Azure, logging into zsh on your Mac desktop, or configuring your latest IoT Raspberry Pi project via bash, provides the most productive experience possible on a mobile device.

Fully Native

Unlike the many HTML-based terminal emulators in the app store, La Terminal provides a fully-native, first-class touch experience for command-line hackers on iPhone and iPad

iCloud for Everyone

La Terminal makes it easy to switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac by syncing your settings and keys over iCloud - like magic!

Live Backgrounds

La Terminal sports a fully themeable experience accented with beautifully captivating live-effect backgrounds powered by Metal Performance Shaders

Inline graphics

Avoid constant context switching by viewing graphical output, such as plots, graphs, and images, in-place in the termainal while you work

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Built on open source

From the creator of Midnight Commander, La Terminal provides a comprehensive terminal emulator experience based on the popular open source SwiftTerm library with powerful client amenities for serious command-line aficionados

Secure Enclave

Your private keys are stored in the secure enclave so your private key can never be found in plain text.

Linux and Mac and Windows

More than just a Unix console, La Terminal is even Windows-aware to ensure PowerShell power users can enjoy a delightful ssh experience, too


La Terminal renders internationalized output and supports internationalized input, including native iOS dictation and international keyboards

You can do anything

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Team Xibbon

Serial entrepreneurs and open source veterans, Miguel and Joseph just wrapped up a half-decade tour-of-duty in big tech following the acquisition of their previous startup, Xamarin. Prior to founding Xamarin in 2011, Miguel bootstrapped several popular open source software projects, including the GNOME Desktop, the Mono Project, and the visual file manager for Linux, Midnight Commander

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Miguel de Icaza

iPad Accumulator

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Joseph Hill

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